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Insurgency Calculator shows Insurgency bullet damage using a table view to compare loadouts and distances. It's mostly self-explanatory, but here are some things to know.

Imagine each group of colored rectangles as a person with one arm. Numbers show damage done to body parts: (from top) head, chest, stomach, legs, and (on the side) arms. 100 or more (green) means a one-hit-kill. Yellow is 2, orange is 3, red is 4+.

Click "Weapon" or "Range" to change what parameters the table compares. "Ball" is the default ammo, neither AP nor HP. Ranges are in feet and can be measured on the Map.

I just released this so I'd love to hear your comments! Send them to sf171k on reddit.

Launch Insurgency Calculator

Hitboxes reference


Insurgency gives little feedback about damage done/taken, making it difficult to understand even for pro players. This app tries to fill that gap and answer some common questions.

Be careful when comparing weapons! Damage isn't everything, you should also consider:


The panel on the left contains table options. The first two groups let you set up the columns and rows. The plus button adds a new row or column. The button to the right of the plus sets axis type (Weapon, Weapon+Upgrade, Upgrade, or Range). Row/column items can be edited by clicking them, or removed by clicking the minus button. Note: The Upgrade axis cannot be modified.

Below the axis options, extra options that are not covered by the axis types appear automatically. For example, if axis types are set to Upgrade and Range, a weapon option will appear. The armor option is always shown. Click the options to change their values.

"Multi-armor" shows all three armor types at once. Left to right: None, Light, Heavy.

"Number of hits" shows approximate number of hits required to drop a player from full health. This is useful for low damage values.


Scroll the map with the mousewheel or by dragging. Click to place start and end markers. The distance between them is shown, in feet. Below is a list of options, these are the same options that are displayed when a range dropdown is clicked in the Table view. Click the current range to add it to the list. This allows you to use custom ranges in the table.


The weapon selection is organized roughly in order of increasing power. Weapons on the same row have identical damage characteristics. Mosin and M40A1 are identical to FAL/L1A1/EBR aside from having no HP option. M1A1 is slightly more powerful than AKM/SKS/RPK with AP ammo, but identical with Ball and HP.

The shotguns (M590, TOZ) are identical to each other and grouped under "Shotgun". Clicking this lets you select slugs or the number of buckshot pellets. Each shot fires 9 pellets. Ball/AP/HP option is ignored.


Distances are shown in feet. One foot is equal to 16 game units. They can be measured on the Map tab. To measure in-game, use console command cl_showtracerdistances 1. When enabled, it prints the travel distance of each bullet to the console in game units. Read more about scale in Source games at Dimensions on Valve developer wiki.

Each weapon has a maximum range beyond which bullets disappear. The app does not take this into account, because it is generally far enough that you should never notice it, except maybe if you're sniping with shotgun slugs at extreme distances.

Damage model

Bullets in Insurgency are hitscan, meaning there is no travel time, no drop, and no leading. Damage is based on several factors.

Multiple weapons can share the same ammo type, and thus can have identical damage characteristics. Damage falls off with distance according to a curve unique to each ammo type. Armor affects the chest and stomach only. Light armor absorbs 60% damage, heavy armor absorbs 90%. Penetrating through obstacles reduces damage (the app does not take this into account).

Technical details

Damage done to arms and legs differs slightly between left and right side. The app shows the minimum of the two.

Fractional damage values are rounded down for a conservative estimate.

Hitbox viewer

The hitbox reference image was created with Half-Life Model Viewer. It comes with Insurgency and can be run from the game's Steam folder at insurgency2/bin/HLMV.bat.

To use it, click File > Load Model... and select a model from the characters folder. Check the Hit Boxes option then go to the Sequence tab and select an animation from the first dropdown box. Drag to rotate the model. (Note that dragging inside and outside the circle does different things.)